Is One On One Boxing Training Safe?

Boxing has always had detractors. It experienced a tragedy like other sports. Sports accidents happen. Athletes get hurt. Boxing is no exception. Just think about the Mike Tyson workout and how he dedicates his life to being the best he could be accepting the pain and injuries. Boxing is no riskier than other contact sports and safer than several non-contact sports. That’s reality, yet safety always lurks behind the spotlight. To learn about Is One-On-One Boxing Training Safe continue reading our article and to start your journey phone Coach Carlos Jones at (708) 665-2623 today!

The problem is how critics portray boxing. This high-intensity contact sport has been called harsh, primitive, and even lethal, yet fans and fitness lovers see it as beautiful, not savage. Why the erroneous impression? Truth? Is boxing risky?Is One On One Boxing Training Safe?

Security Numbers

The National Safety Council tracks sports injuries in the U.S. each year. Boxing ranked 26th out of 37 sports in the 2011 report for ER-treated injuries. Based on injuries, 11 sports are safer than boxing. Racquetball, archery, and billiards reported fewer injuries than boxing. Bicycle riding, basketball, and football were the riskiest. Boxing had fewer injuries than bowling, cheerleading, and tennis. Would you be afraid to play these sports?


Now, having made that case, you should also factor in the overall number of participants on a nationwide level and know that there aren’t anywhere near as many athletes engaged in boxing as there are basketball or bicycle riding, but that doesn’t change the fact that all sensationalism aside…the numbers prove that boxing is not as dangerous as it’s made out to be.

Is 1 on 1 Boxing Dangerous?

Most people associate boxing with violence and injuries. This misperception stems from how the media portrays boxing. It’s vital to distinguish between classical boxing and MMA.


Traditional boxing uses scientifically-backed procedures and approaches. Inside and outside the ring, it develops respect. People who practice basic boxing techniques are mostly well-off professionals with families who want to reduce stress, overcome hurdles, and improve their physical and mental health.


Boxing can do all this and more. This is a physically tough sport, yet it’s safe. It teaches you to conquer hurdles and stand stronger after each one, boosting your confidence and self-respect.

How Boxing Trainers Promote Safety

What can you anticipate from boxing classes and how can your instructor secure your safety?


Is Boxing Safe for Children?

Boxing is a popular activity for children and teenagers, delivering physical and personal benefits. Boxing has a danger of injury, so many parents ask if it’s a good decision for their kids.


Any contact sport has risks; none is entirely safe. A seasoned coach can make boxing safe. Boxing can benefit kids if taught and performed safely.

Is One On One Boxing Training Safe?

It can teach them discipline, healthy anger and stress relaxation, respect for other children, responsibility, etc. It helps children connect with peers and comprehend them better, boosting their social development.

Safeguard Yourself!

Boxing can be harmful if not taught or executed safely. A good boxing instructor will emphasize all areas of the game technically. Coach Carlos will initially educate his boxing student in self-defense. He will teach him how to use the ring, when to punch, where to punch, and when to move. After that, he’ll teach ring generalship and self-defense. Overall, he’ll teach kids sportsmanship, respect, and self-control.


Boxing isn’t about force. It’s not about killing or demeaning others. It’s about self-defense training. Boxing is a physical art form. With all its dynamics, mechanics, and intricacies, mastering it under pressure is the beauty. It maximizes the human potential for athletic achievement. As with every sport, there is a risk, but you won’t know your limitations unless you try.

Legendary Boxing Training Promotes Ultimate Reliability

Legendary Boxing Coach, Carlos Jones is the man to see if you want to lose weight or face new difficulties. We work hard to make boxing safe, rewarding, and fun. Since managing personal and professional demands is hard, we give you complete scheduling flexibility for online programs. Our center is open to boxing enthusiasts from Matteson and around South Chicagoland. Boxing with us! Call our Legendary Boxing gym at (708) 665-2623 for youth boxing classes near me and find out How To Train For A Boxing Match in our domain.

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