Does iFit Have Boxing Classes?

Does iFit Have Boxing Classes?


Live training sessions are gradually becoming one of the most popular interactive workout apps on iFit. The iFit software has been updated with additional features that make using Nordictrack and Proform treadmills, indoor cycles, hill trainers, ellipticals, and rowers even more fun.Does iFit Have Boxing Classes?

Every day, iFit Trainers stream live iFit classes for you to watch while you workout on and off equipment, in their home gyms and even in their neighborhoods.

Live classes are now available on treadmills and bikes. Tap the “On-Air” icon in the bottom right of your bike or treadmill touchscreen to witness a live broadcast segment. No need to prepare a workout; just do it! No-equipment live cross-training routines include boxing and strength training.

Some Live courses include strength training, stretching, 1 on 1 boxing training, and other exercises on and off the apparatus. It’s fascinating to see how personal trainers have adapted and set up their home gyms, and you could get some fresh ideas for your own.

iFIT Workouts are among the new iFit additions. 

Make the switch to mobile

With the new iFit app on your tablet or smartphone, you can work out anywhere, anytime. In addition to being portable, the iFit software may be utilized without any training equipment. Even though we travel less these days, use the gym or hotel’s fitness equipment.

Take your favorite trainers with you. To view the schedule or join a live session, hit the “On-Air” icon in the bottom right of your touchscreen.


iFit has also conducted Live Workouts in the open air. LIVE train with personal trainers as they lead you on a run through beautiful local trails, hikes, or bike rides.

When it’s safe, iFit aims to include Live Global Workouts, which will allow you to join live sessions from all over the world. You may also join fantastic if you climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa or walk-run Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains of Peru, above the Urubamba River basin.

The iFit Waiting Room

The iFit Waiting Room is a place where you can get some exercise while you wait.

Ask away! iFit trainers are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and love to share their expertise, so don’t be shy! You can join the waiting area if you come around 10 minutes before the start of a Live lesson. To SMS your trainer, simply

Does iFit Have Boxing Classes?

 scan a QR Code with your smartphone, and they will answer your questions and comments.

Live Classes are supported by the iFit Leaderboard.

The iFit Leader board allows you to compete in real time on treadmills and bikes. Additional filter options have been added, particularly for Live courses. “Today” and “Right Now” are the new filter choices. Tap Filter > History > and then choose your selected filter choices to access and apply these filters while working out.

Is there a live class option on iFit?

Yes, iFit includes a schedule of live treadmill and bike courses. Simply hit the “On-Air” symbol on your equipment’s touchscreen to participate. With the iFit mobile app on a tablet or smartphone, you can take iFit Live classes on the go. Off-equipment activities like boxing, body toning, strength training, and stretching are also accessible in live courses.

Is it possible to do iFit without any equipment?

Yes, you can do iFit without any special equipment. No equipment is required to use the mobile app on your tablet or smartphone, making sessions accessible to anybody, whether at home or on the road.

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