Boxing Fitness & Weight Loss for Women

Boxing Fitness & Weight Loss for Women

Looking for a fun and varied workout? Boxing fitness is a terrific way to burn fat, improve your fitness, and relieve stress. Legendary Boxing Club is here to discuss the benefits of Boxing Fitness & Weight Loss for Women, as well as some helpful hints for getting started.

Weight loss through boxing

Boxing fitness is more difficult, which is why it can produce excellent results. Boxercise courses entail striking pads to build up a sweat while boosting stamina and general fitness. ‘Because of the high intensity at which it is performed, boxing training can be an efficient technique for weight loss,’ explains personal trainer Ian Gardner.

‘When you do the punches, you use all of your body’s muscles. Because the heart rate is greatly elevated, it can burn more calories per hour than other techniques of fitness training. According to a recent study, it is the sport that burns the most calories per hour.’

Boxing burns how many calories?

The number of calories burned depends on your age, weight, fitness level, and how hard you work, but a 70kg individual might burn up to 800 calories per hour – 200 more than a Spin session.

Boxing Fitness & Weight Loss for Women

Given how many calories it burns, it’s not surprising that the number of women taking up boxing fitness has increased. ‘The popularity of Boxercise courses has increased among my personal training clients,’ Ian says. ‘More ladies are approaching me to learn to box and incorporate it into their training through pad work.’

7 Fitness and Weight Loss Advantages of Boxing

Are you wondering if you should start boxing fitness? Here are some compelling reasons why you should…

1. Boxing quickly enhances your fitness.

You will use both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems (anaerobic means working in short bursts with energy breaking down without oxygen – aerobic means working for longer periods in the presence of oxygen). ‘This is fantastic since it will help us to complete daily duties with greater comfort, which means you will have more energy throughout the day,’ explains Ian.

2. Boxing fitness aids in muscle toning.

It’s an excellent technique to shape and tone your muscles because you’ll be working both your upper and lower body, particularly your upper back, shoulders, and arms.

3. Trying boxing is great for stress relief

A lot of individuals enjoy boxing training because it can be a good method of reducing stress both through the release of endorphins and letting out frustration in a controlled manner,’ explains Ian.

4. Boxing footwork can help you improve your agility.

Boxing requires some footwork, and you will learn how to move and increase your agility.

5. Boxing will boost your self-esteem.

Being able to punch and feel fitter boosts confidence. Hitting the pads gives you confidence, and mastering a new talent is fun.

6. Boxing can help you lose weight in a healthy way.

Boxing is an extremely powerful calorie burner that will boost your metabolism thereafter, increasing your overall calorie expenditure and making healthy weight reduction easier.

7. Boxing fitness is varied and enjoyable.

Boxing fitness differs from many other forms of calorie-burning exercise in that it is not repetitive and continuous; it provides variation in that you will be practicing different types of punches, jabs, uppercuts, and hooks; and you will be so focused on the technique that you will not look at the clock.

How to Begin with Boxing for Weight Loss

If you want to employ boxing fitness to lose weight, start slowly. ‘I recommend that you exercise at least three times per week for weight loss,’ says Ian. ‘Boxing for weight loss should be done just once or twice a week (to allow the body time to recuperate) as part of a training regimen that includes other approaches such as CV and resistance training.’


‘The more frequently we practice a new ability, the faster we will improve,’ Ian explains. ‘It will take an average of six weeks to feel confident with two sessions per week, but there is always an opportunity for growth in technique, so it is a continuous experience.’

Boxing fitness safety precautions

Individual boxing workouts are enjoyable, varied, and difficult. It feels good to punch the pads. If you’re new to boxing, you may believe that it’s all about punching as hard as you can, but the technique is far more essential than force.


‘Tears of the rotator cuff (shoulder) and wrist sprains are two common ailments in boxing, both of which are caused by poor hitting technique,’ adds Ian.


‘If you want to add boxing into your training plan but have no prior experience, I would recommend getting professional knowledge and experience.’ A one-on-one session with a personal trainer who has previously boxed would be great to guarantee that everything you do is controlled and safe. If this is not an option for you, a boxing club is the next best thing.’


Many gyms now offer boxercise courses, so see what’s available in your neighborhood.

5 beginner boxing fitness technique tips

1. Do not attempt to punch too hard.

Simply concentrate on technique rather than force and striking the pads.

2. Kick from the hip

When you punch, twist from the hip, and the power will originate from the hip rather than the shoulder, making you less likely to injure your shoulder.

3. Tuck in your elbowsBoxing Fitness & Weight Loss for Women

Keep your elbows pressed toward the sides of your body while not hitting. This will help you engage the upper back muscles rather than just your arms. This will offer you greater force and keep your arms from tiring.

4. Try to keep your feet light.

Keep your knees supple, your left foot forward, and your right foot up on its toes. Maintain a wide stance between your feet to avoid being thrown off balance.

5. Maintain vigilance

Keep your gloves against the sides of your face while not punching. Wear liner gloves in addition to boxing gloves to protect your wrists. Amazon sells boxing gloves and liner gloves. I would prefer gloves with straps that wrap around the bottom of the gloves to do up, rather than elasticated bottoms, because the latter provides greater wrist support.


You’ve come to the perfect location if you want to study boxing, teach your children, or get some high-intensity exercise. Begin your boxing and/or fitness adventure with a professional boxing trainer of the highest caliber. Call  (708)663-2623 now for kids boxing classes near me and visit our website if you’re interested in Boxing For Fitness Near Me and more.

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