Are Boxing Classes Good For Weight Loss?

Does Boxing Classes Help With Weight Loss?

Boxing exercises are exciting, fast-paced, and challenging, and they help you lose weight quickly. You’ll receive a fat-burning exercise whether you’re slogging through a heavy bag program, speed bag drills, or sparring with another boxer.

That isn’t all, though. Here are some of the biggest weight-loss advantages of boxing and why you should include it to your exercise program.

Are Boxing Classes Good For Weight Loss?Burn Calories Quickly

You may burn up to 450 calories in a one-hour boxing lesson. As you progress through your boxing exercises, this number grows. Sparring or one-on-one sessions with a trainer may burn up to 800 calories, and fighters regularly burn more than 1000 calories during a bout. Boxing is an elite class of aerobic activity, alongside intensive running and biking, according to the quantity of calories burned.


Keep in mind that the number one strategy to reduce weight through exercise is a calorie burn. You create a caloric deficit in your body by burning more calories than you consume during meals. As a result, your body begins to break down fat in order to generate energy and fuel your activities.

Calories Burned While Sitting

Boxing, like other forms of high-intensity circuit exercise, puts your body in the aerobic zone as you work out. This not only improves heart health, but it also has other advantages. After vigorous aerobic activity, your body needs more oxygen to heal itself. This raises your metabolism at rest, causing your body to burn calories for a longer period of time. Even on rest days, you’ll be burning calories thanks to boxing!

Obtain a Full-Body Workout

When people think about boxing, they usually primarily think of the upper body. If you’ve never boxed before, your main concern is usually throwing punches. Yes, pounding your way through a heavy bag routine will give your arms and shoulders a good workout, but boxing is much more than that.


Boxing is a sport that involves the entire body. Part of what makes a boxing cardio exercise so hard and fulfilling is that you’ll be on your toes and moving the entire time you’re hitting the bag. You’ll get a great leg workout if you include “slide” and “under” motions. It’s nearly like sprinting and punching while doing bodyweight squats. Don’t be shocked if your calves and thighs are almost as sore as your shoulders after your first boxing exercise.

Muscle Tone Improvement

One of the best things about boxing workouts for weight reduction is that as you lose weight, you’ll notice more of your muscles. As you burn calories and lose fat, muscles that have always been there will become more visible.

Boxing also results in finely toned muscle. It accomplishes this by 

1) Demanding the use of major muscles in both the upper and lower body to power punches.

 2) Requiring the use of all of the smaller stabilizer muscles to produce the exact moves necessary in boxing. 

This will give you the shredded, toned physique you’ve been after. Examine your shoulders, arms, and calves for the earliest signs of alteration.

Develop your ability and self-assurance.

When we talk about exercise, we frequently focus solely on the body. We stop there, asking “Is boxing beneficial for weight loss?” or “Does boxing develop muscle?” While the answers to both of these questions are emphatically yes, it’s also important to consider your emotional well-being.

Seeing your boxing skills grow gives you a great sense of accomplishment. You can feel actual development occurring, whether it’s finally executing a punch combination that was too difficult for you on day one or going into the ring for your first sparring battle.


Knowing that you can take care of yourself and that you’re in top shape can boost your confidence—though we must stress that we do not condone seeking a fight! When weighing the benefits and drawbacks of boxing, it’s vital to remember that a sense of accomplishment and stress release are frequently mentioned as major motivators for people who don the gloves.

Did we say anything about abs?

Ab exercises are a big part of most boxing plans. This is due to a long history of boxing. Fighters in the ring are aware that they will be hit in the stomach and that the best method to absorb these strikes is to have strong, contracted abdominal muscles. Ending a boxing training routine with a sequence of ab-specific exercises is not unusual. When you combine a decent ab exercise with boxing’s cardio burn, which helps to burn belly fat, you’ll see why boxing for fitness is famed for producing rock hard abs.

At-Home Boxing

Boxing exercises at home are a wonderful place to start. In fact, you may begin learning boxing without any equipment at all at home.

Begin with shadowboxing.

Start shadow boxing by standing in front of a mirror, getting up on the balls of your feet, and throwing punches.

You might think shadowboxing is ridiculous or pointless, yet it’s an essential aspect of fighter training. A punching bag cardio routine will not teach you how to recover when you miss with a punch, like shadowboxing does. Shadowboxing will continue to be a part of your training as you develop in boxing, so the techniques you acquire here are essential.

Get your hands on a bag and some gloves.

A heavy bag is a terrific purchase for your home gym if you have the room! We’ve previously reviewed a few of the finest punching bags available. You may start your own at-home boxing training using a heavy bag. Set it up in a place where you’ll be able to walk freely around the bag (approximately 5–10 feet of clearance on all sides) so you can keep throwing punches.

Then you’ll need some hand wraps and a good set of boxing gloves. They’ll protect your hands from harm while also allowing you to throw stronger punches, resulting in a more effective exercise.

Boxing Workout at Home

This is a fantastic 1-hour beginner boxing workout that you can do at home or at any boxing facility. It will undoubtedly burn a lot of calories and leave you feeling ready to take on anything.Are Boxing Classes Good For Weight Loss?

1.) Warm up for 10 minutes with cardio (running, jump rope, biking)

2.) Active warmup for 5 minutes (jumping jacks, burpees, bodyweight squats)

3.) Punching the heavy bag for 3 minutes

4.) A one-minute break

5.) Repeat steps 3 and 4 for a total of 10 times. Try throwing a variety of punches, ranging from hard and heavy to lighter and faster. Include punches, hooks, and uppercuts in your routine.

6.) Hit the bag as hard as you can for 30 seconds.

7.) Hit the bag as hard as you can for 30 seconds.

8.) Repeat steps 6–7, pausing for 1 minute between rounds. Rep 3 times more.

9.) Finish out with a few simple stretches.

Locate a Boxing Gym in Your Area

Boxing fitness classes are a fantastic place to start if you’re not sure whether you want to invest in a heavy bag and gloves until you’re convinced boxing is right for you. Many of them provide newbies with a free introductory class and all of the necessary equipment on the first day.

To get started, follow these steps:

  • Choose the Best Gym for You

As previously said, a good gym should provide newbie discounts as well as a pleasant environment. Having an experienced wrap your hands and show you the ropes on day one may make all the difference in deciding whether or not you want to continue boxing.

Make certain that the gym you visit is clean and well-organized. A good starter gym will also have knowledgeable teachers. It’s typically a positive indicator if the gym you’re considering provides kids and children’s boxing programs. It signifies the people who work there like teaching and are committed to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • Prepare ahead of time.

It’s fine if you don’t have specific Legendary Boxing Training equipment. You don’t need to bring gloves or a mouthpiece to your first boxing class. To begin, simply put on a pair of sports shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt. However, you should check the class schedule ahead of time to determine when boxing lessons start.

It’s also a good idea to arrive early on the first day. To sign any waivers, be fitted for gloves and wraps, and get your bearings, arrive 10–15 minutes before the session begins. It will make your first class more enjoyable.

Boxing isn’t nearly as intimidating as it appears.

Boxing may be portrayed in movies as a gritty sport involving tough individuals working out in old-school gyms, but the reality is much different. You can get a tremendous fat-burning exercise at home by punching a single piece of meat, as Rocky did.

Most gym owners strive to create a friendly environment and like welcoming newcomers. If you come in with the intention of getting a terrific exercise and losing weight, you’ll quickly discover that you’re not alone. With so many advantages to boxing as a workout, it’s definitely worth a go!

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