Boxing Drills For Beginners

Boxing Drills For Beginners

Boxing is a unique full-body workout that will strengthen your body, mind, and spirit. This type of intense training is ideal for beginners. Here are a few of our Legendary Boxing Drills For Beginners in boxing classes near me. Numerous individuals seeking to begin boxing pose queries such as:


  • How can a beginner begin boxing?
  • Can one learn boxing independently?


A beginner can use these exercises to teach you the basics of boxing, and absolutely yes, you can learn boxing independently. The first exercise will consist of a fundamental boxing movement, the second of a punch combo, and the third of conditioning. Rest for thirty seconds between each exercise. Here is how it appears:

DRILLS \Movement Drills: 2 Slips – 2 Rolls – Shuffle Back – Shuffle Forward (3 minutes)


Let’s discuss the correct form and technique for this drill’s motions.

Boxing Drills For Beginners

Slip: A slip is merely a head feint against an impending blow. The objective of a slip is to move your head just enough to dodge the strike without throwing yourself off balance.


  • To accomplish a slip, slightly bend your knees and shift your weight to the side you wish to slip to.
  • Consider your body to be a straight line.
  • When you slide, you move to the left or right side of the line before returning to the middle.


Roll: The best way to visualize how to execute a roll is by forming the letter “U” in the air.


  • In a single motion, lower your boxing stance and transfer your weight from one leg to the other.
  • Then resume your standing position.
  • A great roll is sinking your body just beneath an incoming blow and no farther.


Shuffle: A crucial aspect of boxing is maintaining a light footing and a constant readiness to move.


  • Move your rear foot back one step and let your front foot follow suit.
  • To shuffle forward, stride forward with your front foot and let your rear foot follow.


These three techniques are the most important in your boxing arsenal. Connect the items in this order. Begin slowly and gain a feel for these essential moves while maintaining a guard at all times. Try to combine all six motions into a single, smooth sequence. Once you feel confident with your motions, you may increase your speed.

Assume a boxing stance with your feet a comfortable distance apart and your hands in a guarded posture by your chin.


Movement Drill: 2 Slips – 2 Rolls – Shuffle Back – Shuffle Forward (3 minutes) Rest (30 seconds)

DRILL 2-Punch Combination: Jab-Cross-Lead Hook | 1 – 2 – 3 (3 minutes)

This exercise will consist of a simple three-punch sequence: Cross – Jab – Hook


Lead with a jab | 1: Open with a jab. As a reminder, you should position your jab hand on the same side as your lead foot.


  • As you stretch from your guard into a jab, rotate your hand.


Your hand should be parallel to your elbow, with no bend in the wrist.


  • Rotate your hand back into a guard stance nearly immediately after throwing out your arm.


Cross | 2: Repeat your jab’s motion with your backhand. When punching, be sure to twist your rear foot so that you may produce power via your hips. Bring your hand back to the guard position.


Lead Hook | 3: You will execute a basic hook with your jab hand.


  • Bend your elbow and rotate your hips in the same direction as your striking arm.
  • Execute the blow and return your hand to your guard position.


As with the first drill, begin slowly and familiarize yourself with the movements. Focus on executing the following strike as soon as your hand returns to your guard after each of the three strikes has been executed. If you feel comfortable, gradually increase the tempo and perhaps incorporate parts of the first drill’s moves!


As a novice learning to box at home, practice and consistency are essential.

Assume a boxing stance with your hands in the guard position.


Combination Punches: Cross – Jab – Lead Hook | 1 – 2 – 3 (3 minutes) Rest (30 seconds)


Conditioning drill: consists of push-up punches, lunge punches, and plank punches (3 minutes)


Conditioning is an essential component of boxing training that many novices neglect. Three-minute activities are excellent for aerobic training, but without equipment, gaining strength demands inventiveness. Follow these three exercises to work up a decent sweat and powerfully extreme workout end your workout in a powerful manner.

Push-Up Strikes (30 seconds)

  • Leave roughly one foot of space between your feet as you assume the push-up posture.
  • Perform a push-up and, from the push-up posture, throw a punch.
  • Alternate hands in order to exercise both arms.
  • Proceed for thirty seconds

Lunge Punches (30 seconds)

  • Without pausing, leap to your feet and start walking.
  • Step backward and descend into a lunge, softly putting your back knee to the ground.
  • Maintain a nearly 90-degree bend in your front knee, and unleash a fully extended punch with the same hand as the leg you stepped backward with.
  • Resume a standing stance and alternate sides for thirty seconds.

Plank Punches (30 seconds)

  • For the concluding exercise in the series, assume a high plank posture.
  • While maintaining the plank position, alternating punching with both arms for 30 seconds.

Boxing Drills For Beginners


Repeat. Rest (30 seconds)


Great work! You’ve mastered this boxing exercise at home. Boxing without equipment might first appear intimidating, but anybody can begin with these basic beginning boxing routines. Continue exercising to become in shape and advance to the next level of training!

Refer to our website for information on beginner boxing classes near me and Boxing Types Of Punches for future lessons! Contact Legendary Boxing Training at (708)665-2623 now for this and youth boxing classes for kids interested.



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