The dispute between boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) has raged for years, but is it truly fair to compare the two? People are doing things, fair or not, and if you want to join in the discourse and create an informed view, you’ll need to understand the similarities and distinctions.

Is There a Difference Between Boxing and MMA?

That is not the case. Mixed martial arts (MMA) includes boxing, but boxing near me does not include MMA. Both sports have pugilists who use gloves, however the gloves used by MMA fighters are lighter than those used by boxers.

Now for the Puncher’s Chance to be calculated.Boxing Weight Classes VS MMA

1. What if an MMA fighter and a boxer were to compete against one other?

It doesn’t matter if they both work out for the same number of hours every day. A boxer practices hand speed and footwork in order to improve their punching ability. An MMA fighter practices grappling, grips, kicks, and other techniques in addition to boxing.

In an MMA match, a boxer will have to think about more than just punches; he’ll have to worry about kicks and takedowns as well. His opponent will be in peril if he can land a strong punch. Because MMA gloves have thinner padding, getting hit by a boxer, no matter how large the opponent is, is going to hurt a lot.

However, if the boxer is put down, the same rule applies. Even if he is large, the MMA fighter will place him in a submission hold, forcing him to tap out or lose consciousness.

The MMA, on the other hand, is a different story. He won’t get kicked or knocked out in a boxing ring. However, he can only punch, and because the gloves have extra padding, he’ll need a devastating combination.

Boxers are also better punchers because they spend more time perfecting their skills, as previously stated. They’ll be able to see punches being thrown because of their footwork and expertise with boxing.

2. In their respective sports, they are clearly at a disadvantage.

The above scenario demonstrates why a boxer entering the MMA octagon, as well as an MMA fighter climbing up a boxing ring, will be at a disadvantage. The two sports are highly different, and unless you are very familiar with the regulations and have been competing for years, you will be the underdog.

The rules used in a bout between a boxer and an MMA fighter, regardless of who the fighters are, will determine the outcome.

3. Boxers and MMA fighters will not fare well in a fight.

Bottom line: if they play in a sport they are unfamiliar with, none of them will have an advantage. A golfer competing in Wimbledon or a tennis player competing in the Masters are both examples of this.

Boxing and mixed martial arts have vastly different rules. It would take years for each of them to learn the rules and succeed, so winning will be difficult.

4. The Differences Between Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Rules

Let us examine the laws of both sports, as well as the parallels and variances, to show the challenges that the contestants will encounter.

Boxing Lingo

To explain how a boxer wins a battle, some phrases are used in boxing.

5. Why Do Boxers Make More Money Than Mixed Martial Artists?Boxing Weight Classes VS MMA

This has always been assumed, and it appears to be the case based on Floyd Mayweather’s compensation. However, the numbers are complicated because no other boxer earns as much as Floyd.

Earnings Of A Boxer

MMA Earnings

These figures, on the other hand, do not tell the entire story. According to one survey, boxers earned $3,250 on average in 2015. The average wage for MMA fighters is $1,250 per month. The median wage for UFC fighters was $28,000 per year.

Boxers appear to make more money based on these statistics. According to the data, the vast majority of MMA fighters that earn a living compete in the UFC, with only a few in WSOF and Bellator.

So, why is there such a discrepancy in earnings?

Lack of competition and the UFC’s massive market share are the most plausible causes.

That’s why the UFC’s FOX deal is worth more than Showtime and HBO’s boxing budgets. Gyms, clothing, video games, and other sources of revenue bring in more money for the UFC on average.

In the end, MMA fighters are paid less than boxers. However, revenues are skewed because to Mayweather’s and other elite boxers’ massive pay packages.

While MMA fighters earn less on average than boxers, the minimum wage for a UFC prelim fighter is larger ($10,000 vs. $1,500) than for a prelim boxer on HBO.

The issue with comparing purses is that, as previously indicated, most people only compare the greatest prizefighters. Even if the UFC’s purse minimum is higher, it won’t make a difference if there aren’t enough opportunities to earn a larger salary due to a lack of competition.

After highlighting those, there are a few major insights from the data.

What it boils down to is that boxing and mixed martial arts are too dissimilar to compare. The two sports are completely different in every way, from their skills to their rules.

They’ll be at a disadvantage whether it’s a boxer in the octagon or an MMA fighter in the boxing ring.

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