3 Simple Breathing Tips For De-Stressing

3 Simple Breathing Tips For De-Stressing

We’re joining the national push to increase awareness and create more dialogues about mental illness in May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month. We’re utilizing our platform to not only raise awareness about the often taboo subject of mental health, but we’re also providing simple techniques to de-stress and feel your best on the everyday! Breathing is one of our favorite ways to feel calmer and more centered. Doesn’t it appear to be so simple? We are constantly 3 Simple Breathing Tips For De-Stressing

breathing! Every physical move such as boxing training near me requires us to breathe. In fact, most people do not breathe in a way that is helpful to their bodies and overall health. So, if you want to feel less worried and more energized, try these three breathing techniques!

Take a deep breath through your nose.

Simply simply, inhaling through your mouth makes it impossible to relax. Nasal breathing engages your parasympathetic nerve system, which is the body’s rest-and-digest reaction, whereas mouth breathing activates your fight-or-flight response. Nasal breathing also warms and humidifies the air we breathe, eliminates a considerable quantity of germs and bacteria from our lungs, and forces more oxygen into our cells.

Breathing from the stomach

Instead of focusing on your chest, use lengthier inhales and exhales that reach deep into your lower torso. Five seconds into the diaphragm and five seconds out, with a little pause on the exhale, is the ideal breath.

3 Simple Breathing Tips For De-Stressing

Take a deep breath and hold it for a few moments.

Mental strain and high stress levels have been associated with rapid and deep breathing. Each breath becomes more concentrated and intentional when you consciously slow down your breathing. Anxiety alleviation and even pain management can be achieved by light, quiet, effortless, and soft breathing.

Consider these 3 Simple Breathing Tips For De-Stressing as your breathing throughout the day, and you’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll feel emotionally and physically. You can also refer to us for any boxing lessons Chicago’s Legendary Boxing has to offer! 

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