How To Start Boxing At Home for Beginners

How Do You Do Boxercise At Home?

Boxing does not have to be difficult. In fact, you may boxercise at home by executing simple boxing motions like:

  • Rope jumping
  • Drills in shadowboxing
  • Drills with a heavy bag
  • The foundational work

Boxers benefit from jumping rope because it improves attention, speed and agility, and cardiovascular endurance. Start by jumping rope for a 2-minute warm-up or for an added cardio boost, do 5-10 minutes.How To Start Boxing At Home for Beginners

Shadow Boxing drills don’t require any boxing equipment, making them easy to perform anyplace. Shadow Boxing for beginners classes near me allows you to practice precise form, posture, and punches by simulating various scenarios that could occur when you’re fighting an opponent. Start with a jab, a cross exercise, or practice defense movements like sliding, which involves gently bending your knees with your hands up guarding your face and moving your head to the side.

Heavy bag drills can help you gain strength. A 3-minute round consists of two quick jabs, a reset, and two more quick jabs.

A strong core is essential for boxers. Even though boxing engages your core all the time, you can do extra core work like sit-ups, flutter kicks, and elbow plank (push up posture on your elbows) to high plank, and so on.


If you’re a newbie, the first thing you should do is learn the fundamentals of boxing:

  • Stance
  • Suspensions (jab, cross, lead hook, rear hook, lead uppercut, and rear uppercut)


Your stance is crucial because if you don’t use appropriate form, you risk losing your balance and losing the effectiveness of your blows. Imagine your feet parallel on either side of an imaginary line for the boxer’s stance. Your weight is balanced. Your chin is tucked and your hands raised to hide your face. Ones dominant arm will be ones back arm.


The common punches are the jab, cross, lead hook, rear hook, lead uppercut, and rear uppercut.


In boxing, the jab is the most significant punch. It’s used to build up more punches and throw your opponent off balance. Begin the jab by elevating the lead foot slightly from your fight stance (hands up, elbows in, gazing through your brows). Extend the lead hand fist directly out in front of you as the weight comes back down. Make sure your knuckles are in and your palm is down.


Throw your back hand from your chin, crossing your body and traveling in a straight line toward the goal. On extension, the shoulders should rotate 180 degrees while the arm crosses the body, with the knuckles moving inwards on the back fist. The lead hand is withdrawn and nestled against the face. Rotate your torso and hips as you throw the cross for increased power.

Hook with a lead

Begin by shifting your weight from your front foot to your back foot in your battle stance. In addition to rotating the shoulders, the elbow should be elevated to a 90-degree angle and pointed at the target. For maximum power, the lead foot should pivot and rotate at the finish of the punch.

Hook in the back

The rear hook should start with the weight pivoting from the ball of the back foot from your battle stance. As this happens, shift your weight to the lead side and lift your hook elbow to a 90-degree angle while aiming for the target. For optimum power, the back foot should pivot and twist with the hook at the finish of the punch.

Uppercut from the front

How To Start Boxing At Home for Beginners

Slightly shift your weight to your lead leg as you begin in your boxer’s battle posture. Push your arm out sharply, palm facing your opponent, knuckles high. Pivot on your lead foot and rotate your hips in. To protect your face, keep your back hand raised.

Uppercut to the back

From your battle posture, thrust your rear hip forward while forcing your arm out and up, palm facing you. To protect your face, keep your lead hand raised.


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