private boxing classes near me

Private Boxing Classes Near Me | 1 on 1 Legendary Gym Boxing Class

It’s time to break free from that rut! It’s time to quit making excuses and start getting stronger physically and psychologically! If you’re bored with your typical workout routine — or if you’ve been struggling to get to your local South Chicagoland gym — you could use some variety in your life. That is precisely what you will find at Legendary Boxing Training, where you can learn both High-Level Boxing and High-Level Fitness from the amazing Coach Carlos. At our Matteson fitness center, boxing is just one of the numerous creative methods to get in the zone. You’ll get a response whether you phone the Matteson, IL, or Hammond, IN location, and you’ll enjoy the convenience and difficulty of boxing at Legendary Boxing Training Gym.

What Are the Advantages of Solo Boxing Lessons?

Working with a boxing trainer may genuinely improve your life, from more confidence to a better physique. Boxing has far too many advantages to list; here are just a few of the numerous reasons why we enjoy donning our gloves at our Chicagoland gym:

  • Private Boxing Classes near me can teach you new and useful abilities. You can be proud of your newfound knowledge — and your ability to kick pretty much anyone’s butt!


  • Boxing and kickboxing are fantastic cardio workouts that are far more fun than a treadmill session. Some of our clients dislike cardio yet look forward to boxing.


  • Boxing is good for more than just cardio; it also develops overall strength. When you make boxing a regular part of your fitness program, every part of your body will be leaner and stronger, from your arms to your core and even your legs.


  • Boxing is an excellent way to improve hand-eye coordination. Our drills teach you how to respond swiftly and efficiently.


  • Boxing can alter your perspective and make you feel like a total warrior. Believe us. You’ll feel unstoppable the instant you put on those boxing gloves and wraps.

Do You Need Individual 1 on 1 Boxing Training?

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Private lessons available for clients at either the Matteson, Hammond Gym, or we can travel to you.

Private Boxing Lessons: What To Expect?

One of the most appealing aspects of solo boxing HIIT workouts? There are no two identical. A private class allows for complete customization based on your boxing skills and current level of physical fitness.

Most classes start with a jump rope warm-up to get your heart rate up and ready you for a good workout. Following that, you’ll most likely do a combination of self-defense training and HIIT workout. Whether you’re new to boxing or have been doing it for a while, you’ll probably spend some time learning or reviewing your boxing stance, fundamental punches, and various combinations. Coach Carlos changes up the combinations regularly to keep you mentally occupied. Focus mitt drills are essential for not only honing your technique but also working your entire body. You’ll be increasingly challenged with advanced drills and combos as you progress.

Kickboxing may be incorporated into your boxing workout. Instructors may integrate kickboxing for chosen clients, but boxing is the primary focus in most circumstances. If you’re interested in kickboxing, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

private boxing classes near me

Private Boxing Classes Near Me

Legendary Boxing Training | Who's Running The Class?

Who instructs the solo boxing classes?
We are happy to have the greatest coaches in the South Chicagoland area at Legendary Boxing Training. Carlos Jones, our renowned boxing trainer, offers cutting-edge professional private boxing instruction. At our gym, we’re happy to provide access to the best and brightest. Consider the progress you may achieve if you worked with a professional MMA Boxing instructor. There is no alternative to having elite athletes and trainers on your side as you want to learn to box.

You’ve Got The Key! Get your started view profile with Legendary Boxing Training Coach Carlos Jones today! Begin your boxing and/or fitness adventure classes with a professional boxing trainer of the highest caliber. Coach Carlos has been on the professional boxing circuit since the late 1990s, assisting local talent to win and compete for international titles. This isn’t just another training class or enthusiastic trainer; it’s an opportunity to work in classes with someone brilliant, experienced, and enthusiastic about people and their goals. 

Contact our South Chicagoland boxing training gyms for private boxing lessons, shadowboxing, our official ratings regular price, and upcoming classes now! Help our Legendary Boxing business get started on your fitness journey in a way that’s comfortable but challenging for you.

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Who instructs the boxing class?

Legendary Boxing Training Gym is proud to employ the best trainers in Chicago and around you. Professional MMA fighters and Olympic boxing coaches are among our esteemed boxing trainers. At our gym, we’re thrilled to provide access to the best and brightest and easy to you. Consider the progress you could make if you worked with a professional MMA fighter. There is no substitute for having elite athletes and trainers on your side as you strive to learn to box.

Our Chicago trainers are extremely motivating. It doesn’t matter how tired, depressed, or simply lazy you are when you arrive for one on one boxing classes; a short session with our boxing experts will have you feeling energized. we arrange boxing classes near me and around you. Consider your trainer to be more details than just a self-defence instructor; consider him or her to be a personal cheerleader for entire full class. After just one class with a Legendary Boxing Training professional boxer, you’ll feel ready to take on the world.

What if I've never boxed in my life? Ready to Try a Class? First One is on us with Legendary boxing gym.

To enroll in Legendary Boxing Training’s private boxing classes and square boxing gym with boxing club, you don’t need to be a Golden Gloves champion — in fact, you don’t need any experience at all! We don’t mind if you don’t know how to kickbox; our Chicago gym welcomes students and youth of all skill levels. Consider this an opportunity to stretch yourself by doing something out of your comfort zone. You can and reviews at any time without any cost.

Nothing beats the rush of a successful boxing workout, even if you’re new to the sport. You’ll feel stronger and more confident than ever before. Our trainers have worked with boxers of all levels and know what it takes to turn you into a boxing menace.