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Our Hammond, IN Legendary Boxing boot camp courses, are handcrafted in Hammond to provide ladies of all fitness levels with an intensely enjoyable exercise. A blend of body weight and movement-based exercises to tone while improving power and agility to bring out your inner alpha female. Experience self-assurance and empowerment, and be ready for any circumstance that life may present. Sign up for a boxing class near you or our HipBox class to see for yourself our fun, non-intimidating, and community-focused studio.

HipBox mixes authentic basic skills with the FUN and energy of dance fitness to create a workout that looks and feels like fighting and dancing!

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Given that women’s boxing training requires great effort, boxing for weight loss might be regarded as a goal. Why? Due to strength training routines, including weight lifting, boxing helps even beginners to gain muscle mass rapidly. Boxing is superior to Pilates, Zumba, and gym workouts because it allows you to lose weight swiftly and sustainably. With muscle and strength training, you increase flexibility, abdominal workouts make you more resistant to your partner’s punch, and stretching improves your punch. With three athletic activities in one, a couple of hours in the ring should be plenty to sculpt one’s body, right?

Women’s boxing is art at least on par with traditional Karate and Ju-Jitsu. This discipline is distinct from men’s boxing and has its own characteristics. From its history to its tactics and present practice, Coach Carlos reveals all the secrets of women’s boxing, a mind-body-soul discipline!

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Different Types Of Boxing For Women | Women's Boxing Classes

Being more rhythmic, athletic, or gymnastic, it is tough to determine which traditional boxing style to choose when faced with a vast array of possibilities and variations. Women frequently vacillate between combat boxing and fitness boxing, with the former emphasizing technique and strength and the latter emphasizing total health and wellness.


Women remain a minority in traditional boxing rings, however, this does not prevent them from training:

  • British boxing
  • French-style savate boxing
  • The sport of British boxing
  • Thai kung fu
  • Full contact boxing or American boxing
  • Chinese fighting

There is a variation of full contact known as light contact, which emphasizes global play tactics rather than the efficacy of strikes. If you compete in boxing, the following boxing variations may be of interest to you if you wish to switch things up, advance quickly, or improve:


  • Kickboxing
  • Muay Thai
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • MMA
  • Self-defense
  • Krav Maga

They each target a certain body component or have a distinct objective. In larger cities, self-defense courses are quite popular; they are self-mastery disciplines that teach you how to protect yourself against an assailant.

Other boxing variations are reserved solely for female competitors. Sometimes they help you grow endurance by increasing your heart rate, and sometimes they help you gain flexibility by improving your footwork. Among the most fashionable disciplines are:

  • Cardio boxing emphasizes physical endurance and fitness.
  • Abs and glutes are strengthened during boxing gym classes.
  • Ladies-exclusive boxing, providing practice for just women
  • Boxercise and Boxfit are a compromise between boxing and fitness (look up for boxercise classes near me)
  • Self-defense for women in which mental and physical conditioning are equal portions of the discipline.

Give the class you’re considering a trial run before committing because once you’re enrolled, your coaches will be solely focused on helping you develop.















female fitness boxing training hammond


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Women's Boxing | What Are The Benefits Of Boxing

What Benefits Does Boxing Offer?

Indeed, a lengthy article would be required to list all how boxing might be advantageous, so let’s divide the potential benefits into categories and highlight their most important qualities. We’ll begin with the simplest.

The Physical Advantages of Boxing

In its purest form, boxing is an equal-opportunity workout: by the end of a training session, every muscle group and the heart will have been exercised.

Add kickboxing, Muay Thai, Savate (a French boxing style including kicks in addition to punches), and even mixed martial arts combat, and you have a physical exercise that requires both strength and stamina.

One must be in peak physical condition to play in these activities!

The Mental Advantages of Boxing

Boxers are exceptionally concentrated athletes; their ferocious attention – on their opponent, their strategy, and their self-preservation – not only helps them win the match but also prevents them from suffering major harm.

Consider taking up boxing if you want to increase your capacity to resist distractions, strategize, and yes, even improve your agility and hand-eye coordination!

Boxing’s Psychological Benefits

Have you had a terrible workday? Has your partner decided to end your partnership? Do you merely need to work out a great deal of stress in your life?

Could you propose a more effective method of relieving tension and rage than continually punching a heavy bag?

Could there be a more precise method of expelling negative energy than channeling it through a measured, repetitive activity such as skipping rope or hitting a speed bag?

In addition to the substantial physical benefits of boxing, partaking in this all-encompassing physical activity will also improve your mental and psychological fitness!

Legendary Boxing Training

The Legendary Boxing Training Gym is pleased to employ the finest trainers in Hammond and the surrounding area. Among our respected boxing trainers are professional MMA fighters and Olympic boxing coaches. At our gym, we are pleased to offer you simple access to the greatest and brightest individuals. Consider the improvements you may achieve if you collaborated with a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. When learning to box, there is no replacement for having elite athletes and trainers on your side.

Our Hammond trainers are highly inspiring. No matter how exhausted, dejected, or unmotivated you are when you arrive for private boxing lessons, a brief session with our boxing specialists will energize you. We organize boxing classes around me and you. Consider your instructor to be more than just a self-defense instructor; consider him or her to be the class’s cheerleader. After just one class with a professional boxer from Legendary Boxing Training, you will feel ready to take on the world.

Women Boxing For Effective Weight Loss

Is Boxing Really an Effective Weight Loss Method?

The brief answer is no. Why?

Because when you exercise, you will lose inches and fat, but you will also increase muscle mass, and as everyone knows, muscle weighs more than fat.

Legendary Boxing Training

You don’t have to be a Golden Gloves champion to sign up for the private women’s boxing classes or the square boxing facility at the boxing club run by Legendary Boxing Training coach Carlos Jones. We don’t care if you don’t know how to kickbox; our Hammond gym welcomes women, students, and kids of all skill levels. Think of this as a chance to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone. You can try it out for free whenever you want.

Even if you’re new to boxing, there’s nothing like the rush you get after a good workout. You’ll feel stronger and more sure of yourself than ever. Our trainers have worked with women boxers at all levels, so they know what it takes to make you a boxing threat.